Welcome to “YogaSito”

Our studio was created to foster genuine relationships between our Yoga teachers and their respective students. Our goal is not just with the teachers and students but between the fellow practitioners too. Every member’s goal is to first respect and learn the art of Yoga. An immediate second goal is to learn how to trust our teachers and respect our facility. All of these simple goals are representative of the Yoga practitioner’s role and participation at YogaSito.

“Sito” simply means “master-disciple” or “mentorship”

YogaSito’s donations-based classes are $15 per drop in or $100 per month. Reserve your spot now!



Our spirits are lifted and rejuvenated from an emptied mind and corrected body!

Firefly Pose – Tittibhasana

Firefly Pose – Tittibhasana Type of pose: Arm balance Benefits: Strengthens the wrists, forear
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Asanas and Spirituality

I first exercised my interest in meditation practice at a Buddhist Center housed in the basement of
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Looking Through The Eyes Of A Teacher

When I realized that I wanted to teach yoga, it was partly because I needed a complete lifestyle cha
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What folks are saying About Us!

  • Never knew Yoga to be this intense.  Anna will workout all your abilities your body is able to perform and then some.  Her way of teaching gets you pumped and motivated.  She will walk you through step by step while interactively showing you correct position and alignment.  By the end of her class, she has you sweating buckets but make you feel so rejuvenated and awake.
    Peter , Manager
  • Savitri quiet nature melds perfectly to the way she teaches her art.  Your mind is at peace while she takes your through traditional vinyasa.  She is hands on when correcting postures and occasionally helps out relieving tension through miniscule massages.  Her serene presence surrounds the room, a perfect coupling with relaxing poses and slow stretches.
    Mica W, VTS Practitioner
  • I've been plagued with high blood pressure and my Doctor recommended me participating in some kind of meditation program in conjunction with my medication. I was referred to YogaSito and was very pleased with my first session. They have shown me how to relax my mind and body. Over the course of 2 weeks of Yoga, returning back to my Doctor for a follow up showed my numbers of Systolic/Diastolic improved!!! Not only I have my blood pressure under control, but I know can do more than I ever did! I feel ALIVE!!!
    Andrew W, Financial Planner
  • WOW! After doing a session with Maria M, my body feels more ALIVE! Never knew yoga can be fun and rejuvenating!!! I'm coming back for more! I also love the fact they have different instructors at YogaSito! Gives me more choices.
    Davina Wong, Program Director
  • Went to Anna's class here yesterday evening - it was awesome! Anna led the group of ~15 through some intense sequences; a repeating structure of movements with many interesting variations. Anna demoed all the poses while talking us through them. She also went around during the class refining individual's poses. Relaxing and energizing at the same time. Today I feel my quads, and my hips are more open. Overall a very positive and grounding experience - I'll be back!
    Zake, Information Technologist
  • I feel inspiration, wisdom, and peace of mind when and during the practice of yoga. It is great to be learning from such great yogi instructors!
    RT, Customer Service Rep